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The best growers and operations use artificial intelligence as a tool to control profits daily. IUNU’s products cover the full spectrum of operational management, from automating comprehensive data collection to fully autonomous growing.


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“LUNA AI allows our leadership to tie the issue detection data to financial impact. We had trouble linking those two things prior. Now we can take the issue detection data and roll that up to the Operations team to show the root cause of an issue, and then use that data to calculate the financial impact.”

Fallon Lowe,
Director of Digital Agriculture at BrightFarms

Early detection and action reduced the impact of a tip burn event from over 14 days at 20% loss to 2 days of 20% loss

Tip burn is a common issue that can have a significant impact on quality and yield. With so many competing priorities, it can be difficult to know how to prioritize mitigating tip burn. BrightFarms understands the importance of early detection and swift action. To increase quality and optimize yield, BrightFarms leverages LUNA AI's issue detection capabilities to analyze the risk and proactively address the issue.

“Getting accurate forecasts without manual labor is awesome. I have LUNA AI on all of my devices, my laptop, tablet and phone, so I’m never without the data I need.”

Head Grower,
Top Greenhouse Operation

Automating germination counts led to 973 hours saved per year

Prior to using LUNA AI, the growers at this facility calculated their yield forecast by taking a sample germination rate for one gutter per batch that is seeded each day. This facility has now eliminated their manual yield forecasting processes, relieving their growers from tedious work and allowing them to focus on higher value tasks. By letting LUNA AI calculate the germination rates for them, this facility saves 973 hours per year.

“One of the biggest challenges with our irrigation system is getting water from one end of the gutter to the other in a uniform way. We have to make it uniform by irrigating more. Using LUNA AI, we noticed that the growth on the side of the gutter that the water goes into is larger than the growth of the drain side of the gutter.”

Johnathan McCullar,
Head Grower, Pure Green Farms

Ideal irrigation leads to 14% yield increase

The team used LUNA AI to capture the effect of the irrigation experiments on their plant weight and continued to increase irrigation until they reached their ideal irrigation plan. LUNA AI’s data showed plants on this plan were growing at a faster rate, had larger leaf sets, and were overall more robust than plants on the previous irrigation plant. On this new irrigation plan, Pure Green Farms completely eliminated the 2% crop loss they had previously experienced and increased their grams per plant by 14%.

“We witnessed a 10% increase in profit and our yield went up to 9% year over year.”

Jeff Stigter
Owner, Jamco Growers

Operational Efficiency Leads to 4x ROI

Task management has enabled Jamco Growers to get more of their to-do list executed and hold their workers accountable for daily activities. Before LUNA CMP, Jamco Growers would spend wasted time walking around the facility to find people in an effort to notify them of activity changes and they had no way of knowing when tasks were completed. Now, Jamco Growers has a real-time list of all work done by each individual employee, notes from the field, and can push work assignments and changes to employees instantly.

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