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CropWalk is a full-service IPM consultancy that empowers growers to develop and manage their pest and pathogen control programs.

Work with our experienced team to start identifying what the actual problems are throughout your operation. We then work with you to find solutions, every step of the way.

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Our most advanced crop insurance tool.

In the greenhouse or from your phone monitor in real time your entire grow facility.
Identify problems before they occur, reduce loss, project yields remotely, get alerts and improve workflow.

No clip boards, no more walking up and down endless aisles, just a digital binder that keeps tabs on every facet of the organization at the touch of a screen.

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Computer Vision Analytics

Cameras already in place? At iUNU we are hardware agnostic. We have the world’s largest crop database and the most robust algorithms.

From harvesting robots to fully autonomous grow systems and controls.

You bring the imagery and we’ll bring the intelligence.

Greenhouse Autonomy

At iUNU we are closing the loop in greenhouse autonomy, and focused on being the worlds leading controlled environment specialists.

With a range of solutions from indoor grow environment consultations to our highest AI solution LUNA, we are an industrial computer vision company that is designed to identify the problems and help you find the solution.

At iUNU we are connecting crops, facilities, and people through a single interface. We are leaders in computer vision in horticulture and we are here to grow smarter- together.

From large scale greenhouses to small vertical farm operations, we are solutions based for every level of needs.

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