Introducing LUNA

Precision Data for Precision Growing

Empower your production team to do more with less

Accurately Forecast Your Yields

The camera vision in our greenhouse control system records everything so you don’t have to. No clipboards, no charts, no walking up and down endless aisles. We find the problems and we help you find the solutions. And, we help you solve your problems whether you’re with your team in your automated greenhouses or with your family over the weekend.

How LUNA Works

Plant Vision

In the greenhouse, at your desk, or on the road, see real time imagery for every plant in your facility. It’s like google earth indoors.

Greenhouse Data Collection

We watch every inch of your greenhouse for subtle color changes in the canopy that could mean big trouble for your operations.

Task Management

Automate what was once manual.  Create, assign, and track every important task - know what’s happening across your entire facility.


Plant level sensors let you know critical environmental conditions within the greenhouse canopy. Our sensors live where your plants do.

Team Communication

Reach any of your team members any time through customized alerts and conversation threads that keep track of every interaction.

Computer Vision

LUNA technology hands you the grower tools to let you travel through time, see your facility with machine vision and use indoor inventory tracking to monitor thousands of plants at once.

FROM THE Newsroom

Recent News

APR 17th, 2019

"iUNU’s LUNA System Surpasses One BillionSquare Feet of Greenhouse Imaging and Analysis "

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Feb 14th, 2019

"iUNU, The award winning agricultural AI and computer vision platform, closes an additional $7.5MM, transforming the greenhouse industry."

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