Your Productivity Platform

Streamline task management and create a centralized, trusted source of data.

trusted by great growers

An operating system with efficiency and connectivity at its core

Task Management

Assign work to employees, know what was done and what wasn’t for complete accountability, and easily manage changes to schedules.

Food Safety and Compliance

Access complete logs of all tasks for audits, trace forward and trace back lineage for crops, and complete traceability from seed to package.

Recipe Management and Scheduling

Manage crop recipe templates for all varieties, schedule repeating plantings, and easily adjust recipes seasonally.

Inventory Management

Raw materials tracking, FIFO and LIFO automatic deduction of materials consumed, and track packed SKUs.

Connect to anything

Connect to other systems, pushing or pulling data, and make LUNA CMP your single source of truth for all cultivation data. Our API makes integration potential virtually limitless.

Advanced technology, clear ROI

Pricing is simple. Only pay for what you need and we’ll help you estimate your return on investment from day one.

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