Your Growing Partner

Our team of experienced horticulturists are available for small questions, detailed risk assessments, or contract growing as needed.

At IUNU, we focus on building some of the most technically advanced products in horticulture. We combine this with some of the most knowledgeable horticulturists to create value whenever you need it, however you need it. Our team of consultants drive value continuously, using our technology as their tools.

Solve any growing issue

Access world-class team of experts to help solve any growing issue (IPM, Climate, Production, Construction, and more).

Quantify risk

Conduct a detailed risk assessment to see where you have areas of risk in the operation and learn how much is at stake.

Reduce the learning curve

Our team can conduct trainings for new growers or employees to reduce learning ramp time and get folks growing productively ASAP.

Commissioning as a Service

For those just getting started with LUNA AI and LUNA CMP, or who could benefit from a Corporate Grower coming on full-time for a period of time, work with one of our world-class growers hands on. We’ll pair you with a grower who understands your facility and crop, and supports you in achieving your goals. From designing new facilities to fully running a facility, we’re your growing partner.