Connect to Anything

The entire LUNA platform is connected through LUNA Connect. This makes it easy to sync data from LUNA AI to LUNA CMP and vice versa. LUNA Connect also allows you to connect the LUNA platform to external applications like Enterprise Resource Planning software, inventory management software, climate control systems, and more.

Enterprise Resource Planning

By connecting LUNA CMP and LUNA AI to your ERP software, you can sync raw materials inventory and plant inventory back and forth between systems. This means accurate inventory counts throughout the growing process, not just when products are finished.

Inventory Management Software

For ornamental growers, tracking inventory for sales orders is critical. You can sync inventory counts from LUNA AI into your inventory management software so that you always have an up-to-date count on your inventory.

Climate Control Systems

Pull climate data into LUNA AI for more visibility on climate patterns and drive more accuracy in forecasts. Use Intelligent Setpoint Control for LUNA AI to autonomously control your climate according to your chosen crop strategies.

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