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Instant data with the click of an app whether its tracking your inventory, placing your flags or just checking to see what any plant looks like at that moment.

Solve Problems Before They Become Problems

We give you the ability to “walk up and down each row”. No more endless hours studying reports and hoping your staff is as accurate as you are. You can look at every plant just by scrolling on your cellphone. Yield projections become incredibly precise.


You spent a lifetime building up your good name. We make it easy for you to ensure everyone shares your standards.

Yield Forecast

Luna accurately predicts when plants are ready for harvest by giving you 24 hour feedback during the growth cycle.

Reduce Crop Waste

Our scanner can detect problems the human eye can’t.  LUNA helps your team determine what the problem is and how to fix it.

Your digital clipboard


LUNA monitors your operation and compares forecasts with actual yield


LUNA is your digital rolodex. It keeps tabs on every facet of the organization at a click of the app.


LUNA automates common tasks so your team can work on important tasks.


LUNA helps you analyze where to cut costs and where to allocate your resources.

Pictures worth 1,000 miles

Save time and energy walking back and forth surveying your facility. Luna will capture.your plants and let you know where they've been moved.

Industry leaders



“Guys, this is an absolute game changer. This is going to disrupt the industry.” - Bill Ainley, Owner

Sunrise Greenhouses

“They’ve been great to work with, a great culture within the company... a lot of other companies could learn a lot from them.” - Rodney Bierhuizen, GM / Owner

Proving Grounds

“With the implementation of the heat maps and the reports that you guys have given us, we’ve been able to identify trends in our growth and change some of our processes to be as efficient as we can. ” - Ian Novel, Head Grower

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