What is computer vision?

We all use vision to perceive and interpret what’s going on around us. Our eyes see objects and then coordinate with our brain to identify information about that object. What is it? Where is it located? What color is it?

Computer vision enables computers to replicate this interaction. Instead of our eyes and brain working together, computer vision relies on cameras and a computer.

Computers are better at counting items, spotting patterns, identifying anomalies, and finding problems than humans are. By replicating the human vision process using computers, we can dramatically reduce the error rate of these critical tasks. That makes computer vision the ideal technology for an agriculture business.

Combining Computer Vision and Human Expertise

At IUNU, we’re focused on combining best-in-class technology with the expertise of humans to create a powerful solution. Our Artificial Intelligence models allow humans to interact with them. We call this Grower-in-the-Loop.

We are able to combine highly accurate Artificial Models with expert horticulturalists to deliver insights that are far more accurate than either model could determine on its own.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

At IUNU, we use both Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision to deliver value to our growers.
Artificial Intelligence is used by computers to automate functions that require human
intelligence. Computer Vision uses Artificial Intelligence to connect images (the eye) to the
computer (the brain) and process what is seen.

Closing the Loop on Autonomous Growing

We’re putting the plant at the center of the growth model. By imaging every single plant from start to finish in the growth cycle, we are building an engine that understands how the plant is growing and responding to a changing environment. This engine can be used to power changes to the physical environment.