AI-Assisted Growing

Growers using LUNA AI optimize crop strategies with automated comprehensive data collection for every plant in the greenhouse.

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AI-powered decision making to control profits daily

LUNA AI uses computer vision to comprehensively track and analyze every plant in the greenhouse 24/7 and aid growers in daily decision making.

Automated Inventory Tracking

LUNA AI tracks your plants from start to finish of their growth cycle and provides you with accurate counts and locations of all plants at all times. All data collected during the growth cycle is attributed to the specific inventory group, which means you know which variety and which specific batch data belongs to.

Crop Registration and Steering

Computer vision automates and quantifies plant performance daily. You’ll get comprehensive reporting on germination rates, daily growth rates, daily canopy growth rates, and more.

Autonomous Issue Detection

Your best scout. LUNA AI scouts your entire facility every day, autonomously searching for issues that could cause plant loss and alerting you early so you can take action.

Forecasting and Readiness

LUNA AI learns what readiness means to you and provides reports on plant readiness daily. For yield forecasting, LUNA AI provides accurate forecasts when you need them.

The LUNA AI Ecosystem

LUNA AI expands to fit your needs. Whether you need autonomous data collection to cut down on labor or fully autonomous climate control, LUNA AI has you covered.

Harvest Weight Capture

Harvest Weight Capture makes yield capture simple. Rather than sampling harvest weights, you can sync Harvest Weight Capture to your weighing scale and collect the plant yield from every plant seamlessly. The data syncs to both LUNA AI and LUNA CMP so that you can attribute your yields to your inventory groups.
KEY benefits
  • Comprehensive yield data on every plant
  • Attribution of yield to specific inventory groups
  • Increases accuracy of yield forecasts

Intelligent Setpoint Control

By pairing climate data with comprehensive plant performance data using computer vision, Intelligent Setpoint Control provides growers with ideal crop strategies and executes the selected strategy autonomously.
KEY benefits
  • The ability to simulate crop strategies (different climate setpoints) based on your crop plan and yield targets.
  • Creation of strategy options (setpoints) based on best simulated outcome.
  • The ability to select a 3-day forward crop strategy and autonomously control your setpoints (adjusting every 5 minutes) to achieve the desired outcome.

Connect to anything

Connect to other systems, pushing or pulling data, and make LUNA AI your core operating system. Our API makes integration potential virtually limitless.

Advanced technology, clear ROI

Pricing is simple. Only pay for what you need and we’ll help you estimate your return on investment from day one.

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