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Our solutions extend and enhance the capabilities of the experienced growing staff and make labor more efficient.

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- Plant images and data, any time, any where, on your phone, tablet, or computer.

- Computer vision ‘face’ recognition of individual plants enabling automated tracking of inventory movement.

- Inventory counts and space utilization measurements, recorded automatically.

- Digital Flagging labor management system allows a grower to extend the current method of placing physical flags to assign work tasks to digital versions of the same flags.

Pictures worth 1,000 miles

Save time and energy walking back and forth surveying your facility. LUNA will capture.your plants and let you know where they've been moved.

Why Luna?

Solution Benefits

Measurability Focused on Performance

Luna allows end-to-end tracking and measurement for your indoor growing operation – giving you comparative analysis between forecasted and actual results. It also eliminates extraneous data collection and team time wasted on unnecessary tasks outside of what delivers top-notch outcomes.

Consistency & Repeatability

With Luna, you can track assignments, manage plans and implement repeatable solutions to common problems without reinventing the wheel or reassigning roles and responsibilities.

Productivity and Efficiency

Luna automates repetitive tasks and facilitates process improvements by identifying bottlenecks. The elimination of redundant steps in the growing process allows workers to be more efficient and focused, getting you a better result.

Risk Identification and Management

The platform’s real-time, comprehensive supply chain management tools give a grower true risk management insight and the ability for early detection and proactive intervention.


Greenhouse operations are constantly changing based on new methods, regulations or simply because of business needs. Luna gives you the flexibility to adapt and alter your processes quickly and efficiently while also considering cost impact.

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