Frequently Asked Questions

1. General Questions

Q: What is Luna and how does it work?

LUNA is an artificial intelligence platform that leverages machine vision to monitor crop growth for indoor environments. Using a rail-mounted autonomous camera system that captures high definition images (multiple pixels per mm), LUNA processes visual information and combines it with data points gathered from canopy level sensors to model ideal growth curves and proactively notify growers if subsequent crops deviate from established standards. By coupling these threshold alerts with workflow management dashboards, growers can easily assign tasks to people and teams, and track all the care required for a particular crop outcome. Find all of your issues before they reap economic damage. LUNA is a simple, easy to use, decision support platform that is accessed through any Internet-connected device through a mobile application or a desktop browser.

Q: How does Industrial Computer Vision work & why do I need it in my Greenhouse?

Computers can see and process information the same way as humans, but computers never forget what they have learned. This benefits greenhouse operations because the computer can remember exactly what a crop should look like in each stage of the growth cycle by comparing it to an ideal growth curve, and subsequently generate notifications whenever your crops deviate from the expected grow plan. In addition, due to commercial operations having many plants, Luna can detect small day over day growth changes that are difficult if not impossible for the human eye to capture. Once notified, growers are equipped with all the necessary tools to apply their knowledge to correct the now known issue before it causes economic damage.

Q: What feedback are customers currently providing?

Our customers are already starting to see the value in our system, and in one case LUNA was able to save their greenhouse twice in two weeks when other hardware systems failed. LUNA is also helping solve their repeatable labor management challenges, forecasting accuracy, as well as pinpoint plant health issues.

Q: How does Luna solve my labor shortage issues?

LUNA doesn’t directly solve any labor shortages; however, LUNA’s workflow management application combined with real-time alerts allows growers to better understand their labor requirements and use existing resources more efficiently. Growers are also able to perform most management functions remotely, enabling better time utilization and the flexibility to be in multiple rooms or facilities at once.

Q: How long does it take to get image analytics?

Once Luna is installed, she is fit to your processes and SKUs. This process can take as little as 30 days given only a few types of crops, and a couple months for the greatest complexity. Real time growth rate takes time, but once it’s delivered, you’ll never want to grow without it again.

Q: How long does it take LUNA to deliver forecasting?

Once Luna is installed and fit to your processes and SKUs, the forecasting instrumentation begins. Forecasting for perennials and annuals can take 2-6 crop cycles, depending on how fast you turn them. Readiness date and yield forecasting takes time, but once it’s delivered, you’ll never want to operate without it again.

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2. Installation & Servicing

Q: How does installation affect my operation?

We work hard to stay out of the way of our customers. The Luna installation is designed as a retrofit operation, so you don’t have to change the way you grow to get the system up and running. Our installation technicians work around your schedule to ensure minimal disruption to your current operations. After a project plan is built out, we work with your ideal vendors and contractors to implement Luna in an efficient manner, keeping in mind your needs and processes at every step. Once installed, the rails are low profile to allow for no impact on your crops sending you all the actionable information directly to you.

Q: What about an internet connection?

In order to process the images our camera system captures, and for you to view your plants remotely, Luna does need an open connection to the Internet. Our Customer Success and Installation teams can work with you and your local network provider to ensure there is enough capacity so you have up to date information available everywhere.

Q: What happens if Luna needs to be serviced or the system goes down?

Stuff breaks, we get it. That is why all of our contracts include full-service of the system at no additional cost to our clients. We also include on-site replacement components and train your maintenance staff to perform small tasks such as replacing a camera so your operation never misses a beat. Each client is also assigned a dedicated Client Success Manager that can be reached whenever you have a need.

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3. Integrations

Q: Does Luna integrate into my existing automation hardware such as watering systems?

LUNA’s environmental sensor system ensures all of the data relevant to your operation is captured and recorded to create easily repeatable crop recipes and practices. With that, right now iUNU is working with multiple vendors to integrate legacy hardware systems into LUNA. Inquire to learn more.

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4. System Tours

Q: Where can I see Luna?

Our website currently has information regarding LUNA. Additionally, our Customer Success Team has explicit authorization to showcase certain customer systems during in person meetings.Please contact us for more information about scheduling an appointment.

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