1. General Questions

Q: What is LUNA?

LUNA is a greenhouse AI platform that uses computer vision to monitor crop growth in your greenhouse operation. When you first see it, LUNA reminds you of an upside down train riding on tracks above your plants. The camera vision captures endless images as it rides around your greenhouse and then sends those images to our greenhouse data collection where we translate it onto an app you can access on your cellphone or laptop. If there’s a problem with your growth rate, temperature or even a couple of mites, we notify you immediately even if the problem is only in a 3 foot x 3 foot section of your operation. LUNA sends you a warning and you solve it before it’s a problem.

Q: What’s the overall concept behind LUNA?

LUNA constantly collects bits of information from a variety of sources in your greenhouse and helps you manage that information so you can be more productive and more efficient. We’re not taking you out of farming; we’re putting you in control of all the information you always wanted and we’re putting it on your cellphone instead of in binders.

Q: My team has been using clipboards for years, why do I need computer vision in my Greenhouse?

Computers can see and process infinitely more information than humans can. Unlike us, computers never forget what they have learned. LUNA remembers exactly what your crop should look like during each growth state and detects day to day changes that are virtually impossible for the human eye to capture. We compare your current growth curve to your ideal growth curve and immediately notify you whenever your crops deviate from your plan.

Q: What kind of feedback are you getting from customers?

Everyone loves a success story so here’s ours. We were monitoring the operations for one of our customers using greenhouse data collection , the temperatures hit 105 degrees, the LUNA software alerted our staff and we called the grower immediately. It turns out that someone forgot to turn off the lights, the vents were closed and the grower was in danger of losing all the crops in the greenhouse. Customer success is what we focus on and that’s why customers are expanding their coverage with us.

Q: How does LUNA solve my labor shortage issues?

We can help you monitor people but we can’t manufacture people. If you use the alerts with our app you probably won’t need as many workers and you can be more efficient with the ones you have.

Q: Will LUNA replace my employees?

LUNA will allow you to move workers out of repetitive jobs and into positions where you can make better use of their skills. You won’t need to hire more people and you’ll be able to do a lot more with the same number of people.

Q: How does LUNA make my life easier?

We developed LUNA’s greenhouse software so you can manage several of your locations without driving to them. In fact, you can even use your cell phone to monitor what’s going on while you’re on vacation. We think your family will appreciate that.

Q: Is LUNA difficult to use?

Anyone can learn to use LUNA whether you’re a Boomer or a techie. We designed the greenhouse software so everyone can use it.  If you’re currently entering information into binders that you store in file cabinets, LUNA will make your life easier. We’re just helping you store your information and access it much quicker by using a indoor growing software.

Q: How long does it take to get image analytics?

We tailor LUNA to work directly with your process and your SKUs and create your own greenhouse inventory tracking system . If you use grower tools only for a few types of crops, it usually takes as little as one month to be totally integrated. If you are growing multiple crops at multiple locations, it’s probably going to take about 60 days to seamlessly combine your greenhouse system with ours. We don’t go “live” until we’re certain that we will enhance, not interrupt your operation.

Q: How soon can I get the forecasting models?

Developing the data to help you forecast yields begins the moment you go “live”. If you’re growing perennials and annuals, it usually takes between two and six crop cycles, and it also depends on what your turnover rate is. Crop readiness dates and yield forecasting takes time because we want to be sure that you can rely on our forecasts.

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2. Installation & Servicing

Q: Suppose I want to see LUNA in operation. Can I?

Absolutely. We WANT you to see how wonderful greenhouse automation is and how easy it is to use. We can go through a video with you and if you want to see LUNA in the field, we’ll reach out to one of our users and arrange a visit with you.

Q:  How long will it take to install LUNA?

We work hard to put money in your pocket and not to interrupt your day to day operations. We specifically designed the installation phase as a retrofit operation not an overall greenhouse automation system. So, you don’t have to change the way you operate in order to get our automation system coordinated with yours. Our technicians work around your schedule to ensure minimal disruption to your operations. We develop a project plan with you, we work with your vendors and your contractors to reduce any impact to your greenhouse systems.

Q:  What about an internet connection?

Our Customer Success and Installation teams will work with you and your local network provider to ensure you have enough data capacity to maximize LUNA.

Q: What happens if Luna needs to be serviced or the system goes down?

Stuff breaks, we get it. The answer is your agreement covers the entire greenhouse control system. If it breaks, we replace it at no cost to you. We’ll also give you a supply of replacement parts in case you just want to do it yourself. We’ll teach your staff to perform routine tasks such as replacing a camera, so your operation never misses a beat. We assign a specific client success manager to you so if you have a problem, that person is familiar with you, your needs and your system.

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